NTBA – North Texas Business Alliance Co-op

Executive Leadership

Britt Lyon


Britt is the Chief Operating Officer of the North Texas Business Alliance Co-op. Since 2012, he has successfully led strategic business initiatives with an emphasis on driving sustainable growth, maximizing program compliance and increasing value for members and vendors as part of NTBA’s mission. His insatiable drive to succeed, in partnership with executive leadership team support, has transformed NTBA into a highly competitive entity in the C-store industry. In addition to his role at NTBA, Britt is also an integral part of NATA’s Marketing and Promotions Committee that secures national partnerships on behalf of NATA’s membership of 4,000 convenience stores. With over 40 years of industry experience, he is a multifaceted leader with exceptional success in strategic leadership, sales operations, business development, and product commercialization across convenience retail, large store, club, and on-premise channels of business.

Mansoor Ali

NTBA President

Mansoor Ali, a visionary entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas, embodies the philosophy that true success is found within the journey, not merely at its culmination. Holding a degree in Computer Science, Mansoor has steered through diverse industries with exceptional acumen. Serving as the President of Ace Hardware stores, he strategically positions the thriving hardware store at the heart of Plano and Irving, Texas. As a co-founder of Dolphin Digital OOH, Mansoor spearheads innovative digital-out-of-home advertising solutions, providing businesses an impactful platform for promotion in bustling areas.

With a rich entrepreneurial history spanning over a decade, Mansoor is the Founder & CEO of Foodplus Inc, overseeing a network of neighborhood stores and gas stations. His leadership extends to roles such as an Independent Insurance Agent, COO at Retailxs, Inc, and Director of Sales & Marketing at Cordia Communications Corporation. Mansoor’s journey is a testament to versatility and success, marked by strategic negotiations and adept business development. His narrative reflects a forward-thinking leader who seamlessly integrates technical proficiency with an entrepreneurial spirit to carve a lasting legacy of innovation in every endeavor.

Beyond the boardroom, Mansoor is a stalwart community leader, dedicating substantial time to causes that uplift and empower. Currently, as the Vice Chairman of the National Alliance of Trade Association (NATA) since April 2023, he orchestrates the synergy of 11 associations to enhance their collective impact. Simultaneously, his role as President of the North Texas Business Alliance Co-op since March 2022 emphasizes his dedication to improving the quality of life for convenience store owners. This involves creating economies of scale, offering educational opportunities, and providing a platform for advocacy and community engagement.

Nadeem Panjwani

NTBA Vice President

Nadeem Panjwani is Senior Vice President at Bank of America with Data Analytics and Insights Technology organization. In this role, Nadeem manages an organization that focuses on building, driving and executing, operational excellence strategies across reporting and analytics platforms for consumer operations reporting and analytics users. This organization supports legal, audit, compliance and day to day regulatory and operational reporting needs. He has excelled in numerous leadership roles through his continued career at Bank of America.

Prior to this role, Nadeem spent couple of years learning thru multiple roles in healthcare-based software company supporting information systems across different hospitals in USA, Canada and UAE and Nadeem was also involved and supported his family businesses in India. “I am a social and environmental advocate and innovator committed to service, lifelong learning, constant growth, and building knowledge society. I am hoping that my ability to navigate complex technological landscapes, foster strategic partnerships will help support NTBA in an era defined by digital transformation. I am dedicated to advancing the association’s mission, amplifying the voice of our businesses and our members, and facilitating opportunities for growth and innovation.”

Shahzad hemani

NTBA Honorary Secretary

Asif Sarfani

NTBA MPC Lead-Director Vendor Relations & Contracts

Mr. Asif Sarfani has over 20 years of experience in starting, developing, and improving sales and profits in the Convenience store industry. He started working with his father in the Convenience store industry in 1995. Gained experience in all positions including cashier to Store manager by 1998.

By the end of 2000, they had acquired twelve Convenience stores/Gas Stations. He moved to Dallas in 2000, they sold out location in Kansas City and acquired businesses in Dallas.

His expertise is acquiring existing and closed businesses, improving sales volumes in all locations, and selling them as the right opportunity presents itself. I own and operate 10 sites and investments in various industries including Land, Hotels, Offices, and Shopping Centers.

Noshad Hooda

NTBA Treasurer

Noshad Hooda is an owner of a tax and accounting firm. He is an accomplished Tax Accountant holding over 13 years of hands-on experience in public accounting. He proudly holds three esteemed designations: EA (Enrolled Agent), FCCA (Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant), and FPFA (Fellow Public Finance Accountant). With a rich background, he offers tailored and strategic tax solutions, ensuring that every client receives personalized guidance for their unique financial needs.

Kareem Hakemy

NTBA Director Of Promotions & Marketing

Asif Hemani

NTBA Board Of Director

Asif is a Director and has owned multiple convenience stores in the North Texas Area for the past 30 years. He has in-depth knowledge and experience on the retail side and uses these skills to ensure negotiations with vendors and suppliers are maximized positively for our members.

Mohammad Khan

NTBA Director Of Membership Services & Expansion

Like many others in this business, I migrated to USA in 2000, at the age of 17 and immediately began my career in the gas station business. I started as a cashier and worked my way into becoming a manager of the same location in Lewisville, TX. I worked there for 5 years until I saved enough money to buy my own gas station in 2005. 

By the grace of God, I’m blessed with multiple gas station and a full-service
restaurant/sports-bar and a portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the DFW metroplex. I strongly believe in working hard, working ethically, and working together. These 3 components have been my recipe for success.

By the grace of Mowla, in 2017 I started a non-profit 501c organization named “AASHA Foundation,” which is the parent organization for the SAWARI project. SAWARI provides transportation to Jamati members for morning & evening ceremonies in Dallas HQ Jamat Khana, funeral ceremonies, Golden Club events, and Kushyali celebration events. SAWARI was blessed with the opportunity to offer services in the Atlanta Diamond Jubilee Mulaqat and at the Houston Diamond Jubilee Mulaqat. Mashallah, SAWARI is currently operating with 76 active volunteers that serve under this project.

Noor Merchant

NTBA Director Of Compliance and Member Relation

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